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Thread: Boca Ceramic Bearings - Seal Drag?

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    Boca Ceramic Bearings - Seal Drag?

    Purchased some 50x80 cermamic hybrid axle bearings and after cleaning them as recommended by the Boca sales company rep, were very free and smooth.

    After reinstalling the removable rubber dust shields, the contact of the rubber on the races for sealing definitely adds some rolling resistance but didnt know if this were normal or if modifications were being permormed to free them up.

    Rep said this was normal but any info appreciated.


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    My sons Energy cadet has 30mm Boca ceramic hybrid bearings and the seals have been removed. Because we run asphalt sprint courses we just clean and lube them each day. They are extremely smooth and fast. I just bought 50x80 mm Bocas like yours for one of our full size karts. The seals do seem to add a lot of drag, I will probably remove them as well.

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    I've always run without seals, it makes a big difference, but I flush mine every time the kart comes off the track.
    Just part of the routine between heat races.

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    We have 50 x 80 mm axle bearings in stock, 3 set screws, flush back, metal
    shields, do not contact, extra free at a very low price.

    If you have rubber seals on axle bearings they should be
    non contact type.

    Richard King
    Speed Karts

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    The rubber seals don't make enough drag to make a difference with anything. What they will do is keep your expensive bearings clean, lubed and shinny for many races. If you run with no seals your bearings will get frosted very quickly and make more drag than a seal ever would. Rubber seals on axle bearings is the best thing since sliced bread.

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    Time is better spent elsewhere in between races than working on your bearings in my opinion. Bearings should not even be a weekly maintenance item on asphalt. Run seals. If they have drag get a different bearing because not all have drag.

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