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Thread: Trying to identify chassis....Help

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    Trying to identify chassis....Help

    I'm considering buying this Ultramax chassis for my daughter, and was told it's a 2000 Ultramax. Unfortunately that's all the owner can tell me. He says it's a full size kart. I haven't seen it in person yet to know of any serial numbers. I was hoping if I posted some pics someone on here might be able to give me a better idea of what I might be getting into. I am completely new to karting so bare w/ me if some of my questions seem rookie in nature. Thanks in advance.
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    Look on the plate where the master cylinder is mounted. There should be numbers stamped there telling you the year and chassis number. Call Ultramax with these numbers and they will clue you in.

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    Centerforce..... like stated above post the stamped numbers on the bracket

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