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Thread: The Series | Carolina Cup Turn 1 - April 28th @ Southern Kartway

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    The Series | Carolina Cup Turn 1 - April 28th @ Southern Kartway

    We're baaaaaack! The Series returns in 2018 with the inaugural Carolina Cup, a five-race points championship series with stops in both the Old North State and the Palmetto State. We could not be more excited to kick off our season with the fine folks at Southern Kartway in Loris, South Carolina! Check out the details:

    The Series | Carolina Cup - Turn 1
    Saturday, April 28th, 2018

    The Host Track
    Southern Kartway
    1509 Hulls Island Rd.
    Loris, SC 29569

    The Schedule:
    Friday, April 27th
    6pm - Gates Open
    6pm-9pm - Registration
    6pm-9pm - Pit Parking
    9pm - Gates Close

    Saturday, April, 28th
    8:30am - Gates Open
    8:30am - Registration Opens
    11am - Practice Begins
    11am - Registration Closes
    1pm - Drivers Meeting
    Qual. & Racing to Follow

    The Passes
    Pit Pass - $15
    Grandstand Pass - $10
    *Grandstand Pass only available after 4pm

    The Divisions

    Ages: 5-7
    Engine: Clone with Red Plate
    Pipe: Small
    Gear: 19:60
    Weight 235lbs
    Maximum Tire Size: 34 1/2"

    Junior 1, Junior 1 Elite
    Ages: 8-10
    Engine: Clone with Green Plate
    Pipe: Small
    Gear: Open
    Weight: 275lbs

    Junior 2, Junior 2 Elite
    Ages: 10-12
    Engine: Clone with Purple Plate
    Pipe: Small
    Gear: Open
    Weight: 290lbs

    Junior 3, Junior 3 Elite
    Ages: 12-15
    Engine: Clone with Blue Plate
    Pipe: Small
    Gear: Open
    Weight: 320lbs

    **JUNIOR DIVISIONS NOTE: We feel strongly that the four separate youth divisions were deliberately established to help nurture junior's skills as they progress through the ranks towards the senior divisions. Because of this belief, we do not allow Junior Drivers to "crossover" to run multiple divisions.

    Stock - Includes Amateur Prelim, Amateur, Stock Prelim, Pro Stock
    Ages: 15+
    Engine: Clone
    Pipe: Large
    Weight: 375lbs

    Animal, Pro Animal
    Ages: 15+
    Engine: Briggs Animal
    Weight: 375lbs

    Super Heavy, Super Heavy Elite
    Ages: 15+
    Engine: Clone
    Pipe: Large
    Total Weight: 425lbs
    Driver Weight: 200lbs (with driving equipment)

    Senior Champ
    Ages: 15+
    Engine: Briggs Animal
    Weight: 425lbs

    **All of the above are required to adhere to 2018 World Karting Association (WKA) tech standards

    The Numbers

    NextGen - Trophies & Prizes - $5 Entry Fee

    JUNIOR 1, JUNIOR 2 - $35 Entry Fee
    1st $250, 2nd $125, 3rd $75, 4th $50, 5th $35

    JUNIOR 1 ELITE, JUNIOR 2 ELITE - $45 Entry Fee
    1st $500, 2nd $250, 3rd $125, 4th $70, 5th $50

    JUNIOR 3 - $40 Entry Fee
    1st $350, 2nd $175, 3rd $100, 4th $75, 5th $50

    AMATEUR PRELIM - $30 Entry Fee
    1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50, 4th $30, 5th $30

    AMATEUR, SUPER HEAVY - $40 Entry Fee
    1st $350, 2nd $175, 3rd $100, 4th $75, 5th $50

    JUNIOR 3 ELITE - $55 Entry Fee
    1st $800, 2nd $400, 3rd $200, 4th $100, 5th $75

    SUPER HEAVY ELITE - $55 Entry Fee
    1st $800, 2nd $400, 3rd $200, 4th $150, 5th $100

    1st $750, 2nd $375, 3rd $190, 4th $100, 5th $55

    STOCK PRELIM - $55 Entry Fee
    1st $750, 2nd $375, 3rd $200, 4th $150, 5th $100

    PRO ANIMAL - $65 Entry Fee
    1st $1250, 2nd $625, 3rd $300, 4th $150, 5th $100
    PRO ANIMAL B MAIN - 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $70, 4th $60, 5th $50

    PRO STOCK - $65 Entry Fee
    1st $2000, 2nd $1000, 3rd $500, $250, $150
    PRO STOCK B MAIN - 1st $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $80, 4th $70, 5th $60

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or text Alexia at 704-999-1733. Please note she can only accept calls after 6pm on weekdays!

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    CLICK HERE for Carolina Cup - Turn 1 Pre-Registration

    **REMINDER** If you already pre-registered for our first attempt at Turn 1, YOU DO NOT need to pre-register again! The only drivers who would need to pre-register again are those who requested and received a refund, or drivers who did not initially pre-register for Turn 1. Text Alexia at 704-999-1733 with any questions.

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    We've recently had more questions on Junior Driver age & eligibility requirements for The Series in 2018. We would like to remind you that ALL The Series sanctioned events (including Carolina Cup and Wild West Tour) adhere to traditional age and eligibility rules as outlined below:

    Age Requirements:

    **MAX Age Allowable as of Jan. 1st, 2018 Per Division:
    NextGen - 7yrs
    Junior 1 - 10 yrs
    Junior 2 - 12yrs
    Junior 3 - 15 yrs

    **Junior Drivers who are the maximum age in their division as of January 1st, 2018 will still be able to compete in said division thru the completion of the 2018 season, even if they have a birthday putting them over the max age during the season.

    **Borderline aged Junior Drivers may elect to "run up" a division at any point during the 2018 Carolina Cup. However, once said driver has moved up a division, they may not move back down under any circumstances.

    **"Borderline aged" is defined as any driver under the minimum age as of January 1st, 2018, but who will turn the minimum age at any point before December 31st, 2018.

    **NOTE: All Junior Drivers competing in any 2018 The Series event will be required to submit a copy of their birth certificate at race #1 which will be kept on file by The Series. Please plan accordingly. No exceptions.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Amateur Requirements

    The Series Amateur Requirements for 2018 are as follows:

    - Amateur entrants may not have won a past series championship
    - Amateur entrants may not have won over $750 in a single event
    - Amateur entrants may not enter any other "Pro" or "Elite" classes
    **Junior winnings and championships do not count against Amateur requirements.

    We ask that our Amateur entrants act with integrity when registering for this division.

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    We've had some questions on our championship points format for the 2018 Carolina Cup, and since we announced the details way back in January, its probably time for a refresher:

    The Carolina Cup will be a points championship series. Points Champions will be awarded in the following divisions:

    Junior 1
    Junior 2
    Junior 3
    Super Heavy

    There are five scheduled Carolina Cup events with two classes per Points Championship Division at each event. Each of the aforementioned divisions will gather points from BOTH classes offered at each event. For example, drivers competing for the championship in the Stock division will earn cumulative points in BOTH Stock Prelim and Pro Stock toward the eventual Stock Championship. At the conclusion of The Carolina Cup, drivers will have earned ten points finishes to put toward their championship bid. Each driver will then be allowed to drop their two worst finishes, counting only their best eight out of ten.

    The Points

    The following points scale and tiebreakers will be utilized in all of our Championship Points divisions:

    1st - 50 points
    2nd - 48 points
    3rd - 47 points
    4th - 46 points
    5th - 45 points
    6th - 44 points
    7th - 43 points
    8th - 42 points
    9th - 41 points
    10th - 40 points
    11th - 39 points
    12th - 38 points
    13th - 37 points
    14th - 36 points
    15th - 35 points
    16th - 34 points
    17th - 33 points
    18th - 32 points
    19th - 31 points
    20th - 30 points
    21st - 29 points
    22nd - 28 points
    23rd - 27 points
    24th - 26 points
    25th - 25 points
    26th - 24 points
    27th - 23 points
    28th - 22 points
    29th - 21 points
    30th - 20 points
    (if there are B Mains, point distribution will continue on in that manner until they reach zero)

    **Bonus Points will be awarded in the following categories:
    - Pole Award (in applicable divisions) = 1 Bonus Point
    - Heat Race Win (in applicable divisions) = 1 Bonus Point

    **Tiebreakers will be used if necessary. We will start at Tiebreaker #1 and continue on as needed until the tie has been broken. Stats for tiebreakers are only to be gathered from within the division in question (not the driver's overall stats within The Series):
    - Tiebreaker #1: Most main event wins
    - Tiebreaker #2: Most bonus points earned
    - Tiebreaker #3: Better average main event finishing position
    - Tiebreaker #4: Better average qualifying position

    In addition to a slew of goodies from our incredible product sponsors, all 2018 Champions will be awarded with custom leather jackets by Advanced Design (AD) Leathers

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    If you're looking to get in a last minute test before The Series invades Southern Kartway next weekend, check out their Saturday night race coming up THIS Saturday!

    Don't forget, Pre-Registration will be open until Tuesday, April 24th at 11pm: CLICK HERE FOR PRE-REGISTRATION

    All signs are point towards packing the place out... Can't wait to see you all at Southern Kartway April 28th!

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    Join us as we honor our 2017 Champions and kick off our 2018 season at our inaugural Parking Lot Party! We'll have a BBQ dinner followed by music and fun... Bring your family, your friends and your cornhole boards and lets ring this season in with a bang! Tickets are $5 per person (to cover your dinner). #TSparkinglotparty

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