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Thread: Race #2 of the C.A.M.S. $500 Clone & $500 Animal-April 7th @ Triple T

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    Race #2 of the C.A.M.S. $500 Clone & $500 Animal-April 7th @ Triple T

    Triple T Raceway / Carolina Animal Modified Series (C.A.M.S.) Race #2

    If you missed the first CAMS race, no worries; you have one drop so load up and lets ride!!

    Our 2nd C.A.M.S. race is Saturday April 7th. Please see below for gate times and payouts!!

    We are very excited to announce Goldspeed USA/Maxxis Tire will be the title sponsor for the C.A.M.S.

    We will have a total of 6 points races during the 2018 season with one drop. We will also reward any driver an additional 5 points if they compete in all 6 races.

    In addition to giving out Leather Jackets to all CAMS Champions and other prizes, the TOP 5 in each points class with receive an invite to the 2018 Maxxis Nationals!!.
    Point’s classes must average 5 or more karts in order to receive a leather jacket. Any class following below the 5 kart minimum, a cash payout will be giving out based on kart average in that class.

    The following classes will run for points:
    Animal Heavy
    Animal Super Heavy
    Animal Medium
    SR Champ
    Flathead (stock)

    DATES for the C.A.M.S. races:
    March 17th
    April 7th
    June 2nd
    July 7th
    August 18th
    November 23rd and 24th “The King of the Animals” will wrap up the series

    Six Points Races / 1 Drop

    C.A.M.S. at Triple T Raceway
    Race #2
    1321 Shaw Mill Rd
    St. Pauls, NC 28384

    Saturday, April 7th, 2018

    Gates Open at 11pm
    Open Practice at 1pm
    Class practice, qualifying and racing to follow

    5 & under FREE
    6 to 12 yrs $5
    13 yrs & up $15

    Terry: (910)751-2694

    We will be only be selling sponsorship parking for this series. The cost for the CAMS Series Sponsorship Parking will be $100 per spot. That covers your parking for all 6 CAMS Series points’ races.

    The C.A.M.S. drivers will have a $5 point’s fee. Per Driver.

    Entry fees listed below include transponder fees.

    Weight: 375
    Entry: $60 (includes transponder)
    20 Laps

    Weight: 375
    Entry: $60 (includes transponder)
    20 Laps

    SR CHAMP #425 - POINTS
    Lo206 #375 - POINTS
    FLATHEAD #375 (stock/open pipe)POINTS
    CLONE LITE #325
    Pro JR1
    Pro JR2
    Pro JR3
    15 Laps
    Entry: $45 – includes transponder
    GUARANTEED Payouts based on kart count:
    4-6 - 1) $150 2) $100
    7-9 karts- 1) $200 2) $100 3) $50 4) $40
    10-14 karts- 1) $300 2) $100 3) $75 4) $50 5) $40
    15-19 karts- 1) $400 2) $200 3) $100 4) $75 5) $50
    20 & Up karts- 1) $500 2) $250 3) $150 4) $100 5) $75

    Weight 375, Age 14 yrs and up
    Entry: $30 (includes transponder)
    15 Laps

    Predator (EL Tires) 100% payback
    See below for complete rules
    Weight: 375, Age 14 yrs and up
    Entry: $30 (includes transponder)
    15 Laps

    JR3 – 100% Payback
    Raceceiver Mandatory
    Blue Plate
    Weight 320, Age 12-15
    Entry: $25 (includes transponder)
    12 Laps

    JR2 – 100% Payback
    Raceceiver Mandatory
    Purple Plate
    Weight 290, Age 10-12
    Entry: $25 (includes transponder)
    12 Laps

    JR1 – 100% Payback
    Raceceiver Mandatory
    Green Plate
    Weight 275, Age 8-10
    Entry: $25 (includes transponder)
    12 Laps

    RED PLATE – 100% Payback
    Raceceiver Mandatory
    Weight 250, Age 5-7
    Gear Rule 17.69
    Entry: $25 (includes transponder)
    15 Laps
    **Red Plate will run a 10 Lap Heat Race

    Kid Kart Trophy to top 3
    Raceceiver Mandatory
    Age: 4-7 Beginners ONLY
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Engines: 50cc Comer, or a 2.5 Clone, or a 3hp Predator Engine
    Drum Clutch, Small Pipe.
    Maxxis 4.5 tire on all four corners.
    Entry: $15
    10 Laps
    **Kid Kart will also run a 5 Lap practice session during qualifying

    It takes 2 karts to race and 4 karts to make a class. Any class following below 4 karts will receive 100% payback (except Kid Karts & Red Plates).

    ***All Money Classes are 1/3 the Field Payback up to 5 spots. Meaning for every 3 karts, we pay a position.

    POINTS FEE $5 Per Driver
    INSURANCE $5 Per Driver



    All C.A.M.S. 2017 classes will be running the Briggs & Stratton Animal Engine package. (WKA Tech Rules)

    Predator Engine Rules #375
    -Must run a 20.54-59 Gear
    -The engine must be ran out of the box
    -Shoe clutch only. No disc clutch allowed
    -The governor must be connected and operational
    -The air filter and sock must be installed per factory
    -The engine must have a key way as installed by factory of the flywheel
    -The engine must pass a governor test on the stand if asked *5500
    -You may vent the gas cap and/or disconnect vent tube
    -You may disconnect throttle stop screw
    -You must run the factory gas tank
    -Chain guard, heat shield and throttle linkage are the only aftermarket parts allowed.
    -You can disconnect oil sensor wire and tape it.
    -You can run a Ducar 212cc Predator but add #25 lbs. Engine must be factory rated 212cc and run in box stock configuration except no cast flywheels. ARC and PVL flywheels are allowed. All other above rules apply.
    -Maxxis EL tires is mandatory.

    Engine claim rule of $175. Any competitor may claim any engine finishing in front of them. In order to file an engine claim: A competitor must complete the race. Engine may be claimed only at the completion of the main event. Claim must be filed by the driver of the kart before the last kart clears the scales upon completion of the race. The driver must verbally inform Tech you want to claim an engine. In the event an engine is claimed by more than one competitor, the competitor in the highest finishing position will have priority. Once a verbal claim has been filed the claim cannot be withdrawn without forfeiture of any submitted fees and disqualification of the competitor who withdrew. Claimed engine will be marked and allowed to compete in any remaining main events registered. Engine is to be claimed as raced minus Chain guard/Heatshield, clutch and throttle kit. Claimed engines are subject to comply with the above listed rules. If engine is found to be legal based on the above rules, the claimer will receive $175 and all winnings and points. If engine is found illegal based on above listed rules, the claimee will forfeit the win and any points and the claimer will have the option to take the engine or receive his $175 claim money back.

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    We will post CAMS Points standing in the next couple of days.

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    Heading yalls way this weekend. Ready to break out the animal!!

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    Can you post a running order? I look back at race one and can't seem to find one. Thanks

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    Clone Super Heavy 15 Laps
    Jr1 15 Laps
    Clone Medium 15 Laps
    Jr3 15 Laps
    Kid Kart (6 lap practice) (10 Lap Feature)
    Animal Super Heavy 15 Laps
    Red Plate (10 Lap Heat Race) (15 Lap Feature)
    Jr2 15 Laps
    Clone Lite 15 Laps
    Lo206 15 Laps
    Pro Jr1 20 Laps
    Pro Jr2 20 Laps
    SR Champ 15 Laps
    Amateur 15 Laps
    Animal Medium 15 Laps
    Predator 15 Laps
    Pro Jr3 20 Laps
    Clone Heavy 20 Laps
    Flat Head 15 Laps
    Animal Heavy 20 Laps

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    Championship jackets to be given out at the CAMS Race this Saturday (April 7th). They are “Hella Good”.

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    B&S Renews Partnership with Triple T Raceway in Support of C.A.M.S., Expands Sponsorship to 2018 King of the Animals

    ST PAULS, NORTH CAROLINA - Triple T Raceway and Promoter Terry Odom are proud to announce the continuation and expansion of their sponsorship agreement with Briggs & Stratton Racing for 2018. For the third year in a row, Briggs & Stratton has returned with support for the widely recognized Carolina Animal Modified Series (C.A.M.S) hosted by Triple T Raceway. The C.A.M.S Series debuted in March with record numbers and will continue through August. Briggs & Stratton has also offered additional support for the 2018 King of the Animals title event coming to Triple T in November. "We have enjoyed a fantastic relationship with Briggs & Stratton Racing since 2016" said Terry Odom, Promoter, Triple T Raceway. "We are proud to not only bring that relationship into its third year, but to broaden it into additional sponsorship for our King of the Animals title event as well".

    Triple T Raceway has cultivated a strong support system for Briggs & Stratton Animal Engines at their facility. At their most recent event on March 31st, the Animal divisions boasted a strong showing of 25 driver entries. "We've worked hard to grow our Animal program over the last two seasons, and that work is beginning to pay off" shared Odom. "Not only are we beginning to see sustained growth in our Briggs & Stratton Animal divisions, but other series and title events in the southeast dirt oval kart community are beginning to take notice and follow our lead by offering Animal divisions of their own".

    Briggs & Stratton Racing has been a fixture in the motorsports world for over two decades. They have used their experience in the karting field to improve the performance, durability, and quality of every product they put the Briggs & Stratton name on. "Maintaining and growing a partnership with an internationally recognized brand like Briggs & Stratton is an honor for us", concluded Odom, "and we plan to make them proud with the quality of our series and events in 2018".
    #BriggsRacing #BriggsAnimal
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Well folks, we are calling Race #2 of the CAMS Series off for this weekend. With over inch and a half of rain expected throughout the day, I see no way to get it in. We will reschedule the race at a later time. I don’t see any races happening this weekend so take advantage of it and take your loved ones out for some fun. See everyone on the 21st for race #2 of the GOAT Series.

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