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Thread: FDCS Race #2 - Garland Rowland Memorial - Apr 7th - Jasper, FL

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    FDCS Race #2 - Garland Rowland Memorial - Apr 7th - Jasper, FL

    FDCS Race #2 Crossroads Motorplex
    presented by PEC (Performance Engine & Chassis)
    April 7th, 2018

    We are celebrating Ms. Garland Rowland at this crown jeweled event!
    For those that didn't have the pleasure to meet Garland, she was either at the fence cheering on her customers or at the PEC trailer.
    This is the first year FDCS has the pleasure to honor her...
    we have some special things planned... one of the is the "extra" payout in PRO Heavy.

    The trophy dash for Seniors: Super Heavy
    for Juniors: Junior 3

    $$$Garland Memorial 50$$$
    Clone Heavy
    Guaranteed $3,000 Purse
    1st $1,000
    2nd $750
    3rd $500
    4th $250
    5th $200
    6th $60
    7th $60
    8th $60
    9th $60
    10th $60

    50 LAPS - no break
    ENTRY $60
    No minimum entries!

    Pre-registration is available online at https://fdcs.raceday.pro The deadline to pre-enter is April 5th.

    Parking is now open - Parking is $25 per spot
    For reserved parking, please contact Wade Murphy at Crossroads Motorplex (386-938-1228)
    Please include the following:
    Driver name
    Length of trailer
    # of parking spots needed
    If you are parking with anyone else

    FRIDAY, APRIL 6th:
    Parking, Pit Pass, Registration
    open from 4pm 9pm
    Pre-Tech open from 7pm - 8:30pm

    Gates Open: 7am
    Registration: 7:30am 9am
    Mandatory Track Roll In Junior 1 and above 9:00am
    Practice to start at 10am
    Qualifying to follow practice
    Mandatory Drivers Meeting
    Trophy Dash weather permitting
    First Class on Track with National Anthem

    1. Clone Light Sweet Motorsports
    2. Clone Rookie A Lunch Box Money Motorsports
    3. Clone Masters Black Diamond Motorsports
    4. Clone Junior 2 Fitzgerald Motorsports
    5. Clone Light Pro Eleanor Racing Chassis
    6. Clone Junior 1 Mills Concrete
    7. Clone Super Heavy Blaze Martin Racing Engines
    8. Clone Medium Mills Concrete
    9. Clone Junior 3 Capps Racing
    10. Clone Junior 1 No Pro FroDaddy Motorsports
    11. Clone Rookie B Smart Kart Notes
    12. Clone Heavy Box Stock Project
    13. Clone Junior 2 No Pro Crawford Signs
    14. Allstars Black Diamond Motorsports
    15. Clone Junior 1 Pro TJ Newton Motorsports
    16. Clone Junior 3 No Pro Box Stock Project
    17. Clone No Pro Heavy Maxxis Kart Racing
    18. Clone Junior 2 Pro Performance Engine & Chasssis (PEC)
    19. Clone Super Heavy Pro DnL Graphix and Designz
    ** 10 minute break
    20. Clone Junior 3 Pro Radical Racing Engines
    21. Clone Heavy Pro Prowler Racing Chassis - Garland Memorial

    Points Classes: $45
    Transponder Fee: $5 per driver

    You must enter at least one non-pro class to participate in a Pro class
    PRO Jr 1, Jr 2, Jr 3, PRO Light and Super Heavy $50
    PRO Heavy $60

    Pit Pass: $15 (5 and under free)

    Thank you to all the sponsors that came on board for the 2018 Championship!
    We had over 300 entries at Florida Dirt Motor Spededway for Race #1, we are super excited to visit Jasper!

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    Some helpful info for this weekend:

    1. Rookie gear 16/66

    2. Gas Station for all Clone classes: Pilot (Exit 460)

    3. Please bring a FM Radio - all announcements over PA are also transmitted thru FM radio.

    4. NO ONE under the age of 16 is permitted to drive any ATV, Golf Cart, etc in the pits! This will be strictly adhered to.

    5. Tire scanning (for No Pro classes) during registration

    6. Mandatory roll in all classes Junior 1 and up 9am

    7. Days Inn - Lake Park - Rate Code: Jennings - $59.95 a night - only have king beds left

    8. Come on out Friday night to cook out and enjoy friends and family!!

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    Ocala, FL
    Don't want to jinx anything, but is there any plan if the R word happens like the latest forecast is predicting?

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    Thank you for enforceing the 16 and older rule on golf carts, etc.. I have witnessed some dangerous situations of late with the young ones wheeling carts and ATV's around the pits.

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    **Weather alert**
    Saturday, April 7th at Crossroads Motorplex is being rescheduled to May 19th, the forecast is calling for 80% - 90% chance of rain and have racers coming from Louisiana, Virginia and northern South Carolina.

    The May 19th date is currently scheduled for the Dad's Dream at FDMS; however, this date will now be the Garland Rowland Memorial at Crossroads Motorplex. We will provide a make up date for the Dad's Dream in the upcoming week.

    This is not the ideal situation for anyone, but Mother Nature wins. We appreciate all of your support and understanding thru this.

    **Parking** if you are NOT able to make the May 19th date, please call Wade. If you have called Wade for parking this weekend, there is no need to call him again.

    **Entries** if you pre-registered, we can roll the entries to either the May 19th date or the Dad's Dream make up. If you would like a refund, please PM us and we will make this happen asap.

    The remainder of the 2018 schedule
    May 19th - Crossroads Motorplex
    *Crown Jewel* Garland Rowland Memorial
    August 25
    September 22
    November 3 - Crossroads Motorplex
    *A reschedule date for the Dad's Dream will be provided soon*

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