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Thread: Questions about sickle hill??

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    Questions about sickle hill??

    What rules are they running for the predator classes? And around about what gears y’all running?
    Thanks in advance

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    We have 2 separate Predator classes. One is straight out the box.
    The other one we call modified.
    These are the only modifications allowed.
    No others.
    1) Any thin flange header, with or without a muffler. If no muffler, there must be some type of flange welded to the end of the header, or clamp installed to prevent impalement.
    2) 10.8# valve springs MAX. Springs will be teched as per NKA, AKRA box stock rules.
    3) Governor may removed.
    4) Any spark plug is allowed.
    5) You may unhook, and remove low oil sensor.
    6) Top plate, fuel pump, and remote tank allowed.

    7) You can remove hoses from breather box, but All holes where hoses were removed must be plugged.
    8) For safety reasons, header studs must have double nuts, or drilled and pinned, or drilled with safety wire. header also must be wrapped.
    There will be a $135 claim rule.
    You can claim any engine that finishes ahead of you. You can not claim behind you.
    Claim is minus: header, clutch, chain guard, top plate fuel pump, throttle linkage kit.
    Protest will be $50, tech will retain $25 If you are deemed illegal, or if you refuse to honor a claim, or protest, Penalties are as follows:
    You will be disqualified, and:
    1st offense - $25 fine
    2nd offense- $50 fine, and 2 week suspension from this class. 3rd offense $100 fine, and 6 month suspension from this class.
    Fines are payable at your next entry to the class, and will be added to the purse for the class that day.

    As with any rules, I'm sure something will come up at some time. Changes may be made if need be.

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