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Thread: Millbridge Speedway season opener Friday March 16th!

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    Millbridge Speedway season opener Friday March 16th!

    Millbridge Speedway will be back in action on Friday March 16th for our Nitro Manufacturing Flat Kart Fridays!

    Our 2018 points season will consist of 14 races from March until October. We will be following NKA engine rules with an Open Tire rule except NO VEGA'S.

    We will be running the following classes: PeeWee, JR1, JR3, Clone Lite, Clone Medium, Clone Heavy, Clone 425, Champ 425, Predator 375 and Predator 400.

    March 16th Predator 375 will pay $300 to win and Predator 400 will pay $200 to win as well. All other classes payout will be based on kart count.

    We have an open practice for ALL Millbridge divisions on Wednesday March 7th. And a FLAT KART ONLY practice on Thursday March 15th. Practice nights have free admission and just $20 per kart to practice from 7 to 10.

    Remember we have reserved parking spots for the year at Millbridge so if you do not have a spot we will show you were to park. We have 2 parking spots left if anyone wants one please message us on facebook. They are $100 for the year.

    We do not mess around and drag our feet waiting on people to get to the grid so if you are new to Millbridge please pay attention to the schedule and listen up. We have a new speaker system getting installed this week so hopefully everyone will be able to hear good. But we will also be broadcasting on a radio station as well so bring a radio to put in your trailer! We hope to see you guys next week. Thanks for all of your support, we look forward to a great 2018.

    Jeremy Burnett
    Millbridge Speedway
    704 701 1665
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    Checkered Flag Racing Products is looking forward to a great 2018 season at Millbridge Speedway. In my opinion it's one of the best things going in karting. Track conditions don't require a truck load of tires and prep, on the track at 6:30, on the way home by 11:00. The most economical racing around. See you Thursday the 15th for practice and Checkered Flag will kick in a little bonus $ for opening night!

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    Why no Vegas ?

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