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Thread: Front stagger

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    Front stagger

    I asked the question why do we need front stagger since they arenít drive tires ? Is it because the spindles wonít move up and down enough to get the cross we need. Some one responded that maybe itís the Kart builder who designed the chassis with the need for stagger in it .

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    Stagger has very little to do with whether it is on a drive axle or not. The tires still are going in an arc and therefore benefit from the concept of stagger to get through the turn more efficiently.

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    This morning I was also thinking about what ONEHARDHEAD just said but couldn't think of how to say it.

    In the other thread a lot of the other points discussed in the past on here were also offered. The why about needing a certain amount of stagger up front and in the back along with all the different thoughts which go into using the words turning and rotation are for me pretty much the whole ballgame of setup. I don't think anyone knows it all about the why's of the amount of stagger needed. It's more like some are able to automatically blend in to their choise for stagger more variables then others. When I choose to do so I am able to see a real color moving 3d picture in my mind of each corner, the front end, back end or whole kart and make the parts involved in my picture change and more at will. But when I try to think of and see how several individual units or parts work together, depending on all the other angles, dangles, grip, hp and forces all my mind can handle is maybe two or at most 3. In the so called "real world" at the track racing it doesn't matter how complex or interlocked all the things involved to change handling on the track are. It boils down to cut dry and simple depending on your experience. All you really need to know are the settings of the kart your racing when it's on the track, the on track problem you have which includes gaining a little speed at a particular area on the track and what the common things you are able to do will effect how your kart is working.

    From all that BS as I like to call my writing when a question is asked about why we use front stagger, my mind and response wanders off into many areas. For others the complexities are meaningless and their reality and experience at the track make things very simple. For them it's yep you need some and if you got too much or too little they automatically know it and know if more or less is needed by seeing or riding the kart. There are a few who offer things on here who know from experience the simple of it and also understand the complexities of all the relationships of why a stagger change does what it does. I'm not one of them and because I'm not I need to read and learn from what others will offer in threads like this. Your question asks one of those things where I think 98% of us just don't have a grip on the whole picture.

    Back to what ONEHARDHEAD said and got me writing again this morning on here. More will in and by itself get you more turning and help rotate the whole kart. And the way my mind wanders the first thing i saw in my mind was a semi going around a turn. I saw the front wheels of the semi turned and taking a bigger arc then the sharply turning back end of the trailer. Hummm I said to myself if there's stagger front and back on a kart and if it's like the semi the front is taking a bigger arc then the back, wouldn't it mean you need less stagger in the front then you do in the back to get good "whole rotation" of the kart? Yep then the confusion sets in because I start thinking about all the other things which were contributed in the other thread and I get lost about the whole deal. ...

    yep ya need stagger up front too. how much just depends. why ya need it that's a long story. ...

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