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Thread: Fastrax Kartway Feb 10th. Winter Race #5 Great Purses and Payouts!

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    Fastrax Kartway Feb 10th. Winter Race #5 Great Purses and Payouts!

    Dyno Cams Fastrax Winter Series Race #5

    Winter Series Sponsors:

    Maxxis Racing Tires
    Daniel Armstrong Performance
    Paragon Construction
    Varina Landscaping
    Pink Magic Tire Prep
    P&P Speedshop/Brian Bradford Racing
    Jeffrey Powell Racing
    Platinum Racing Chassis
    Sweet Water Pressure Washing
    Colin Richardson Racing
    Punisher Clutches
    Josh Carter Logging
    Sox Racing Engines
    Punisher Clutches
    Johnny Bartlet Performance
    Floyd Karts and Parts
    Checkered Flag Fuels Racing Products
    Leoffler Racing
    Nitro Racing

    When: February 10th

    Gate Opens at 9am

    Practice Starts at 11am Sharp

    Fastrax Kartway
    589 Old Wire Rd East
    Bennettsville, SC

    Gate Fee:
    $15 Adults and Drivers
    $5 are 9 & Under

    Reserve Parking $20
    Sponsor Parking 1 day Event $100

    (P)=Points Classes

    __________________________________________________ _______

    $1000 to Win FASTRAX Super Heavy 425 Guaranteed $45

    $750 to Win Fastrax Clone Heavy Guaranteed $45

    __________________________________________________ _______
    $1000 to Win

    TONY FLOWERS Limited 21 Race Warmup: 20/KM $55
    Limited Flathead ONLY Bore .080
    Winner Locked into the Race on the 24th
    15 Lap Main
    __________________________________________________ _______
    1000 to win $50 Entry

    $1000 to Win Pro Jr. 3 Blue 20/km $50

    $1000 to Win Pro Jr.1 20/km $50
    __________________________________________________ ________

    $500 to Win Classes 12/KM
    $55 Entrys

    Clone Heavy Warmup Points (P)
    Jr.3 Blue (P)
    Semi Pro (P)
    Pro Jr.2
    Jr.1 Green (P)
    Clone Super Heavy Points (P)
    Predator 375 (P)

    __________________________________________________ ________
    $250 to Win Classes 10K/M
    $35 Entrys

    Red Plate FREE
    Clone Lite
    Clone Medium (P)
    Amatuer 350 (P)
    Jr.2 Purple (P)
    Senior Clone
    Super Heavy 450 215lb Driver
    Predator 400
    Predator 425 Driver 200lbs

    (P)=Points Classes

    Predator Class will go by HANGING ROCK KARTWAY RULES #STOCK!

    Class Min not Met will be based off 100% Payback In Those Classes
    Transponder Fee
    Driver Insurance
    **Most Run Warmup Class for Guranteed Payouts in the Guranteed Classes**

    All Classes will start Single File
    Amauter Rules: If you have won a Class Championship (Except Amauter of the Current Year) at any Track you are not Eligible,Or won More then $500, If i catch you, you will not get your entry fee back and you will removed from the Class.. You Can Run Clone Lite/Medium/Semi

    Semi Pro Rules: **In order to be eligible to run Semi-Pro you must HAVE NOT won more than $2000 in one single event Class"
    JR MONEY DOESNT COUNT. Track as Official ruling on Semi Drivers
    Semi Pro Age 14 & UP

    Weenie Pipes For All Jrs.
    You Can Run Amatuer/ Semi Pro only if you started the year in Amatuer,
    If you started the Year in Semi Pro you Cannot Move Down.

    SUPER HEAVY DRIVER 200lbs! With Helmet /Jacket Only with Racing Shoes/Tennis Shoes
    *NO Steel Toed Boots,

    3 Karts Make a race, Except Kids
    8 or Less Karts will be 12 Laps Except Jrs.

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    Is this race canceled? Weather is getting better and better

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    I know it’s only Wednesday by Friday morning i bet it will be fine

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    Yeah I think we can run it. It’s only showing 60% and will hopefully change. I heard it’s already been canceled. But trying to find out for sure

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    According to the Facebook page canceled.

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    Who else is running?

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    Not sure I’m trying to find some where

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