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Thread: Jr 3 driver how to

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    Jr 3 driver how to

    My son has been racing for about 3 years and we have been trying to figure out what to change when his front is not bitting enough I can see him turn the wheel all the way left and it will just slide forward witch is causing him to punch the brake on entry any advice is appreciated

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    what have you done to fix it?
    has it done this from the start?
    The Big thing that's needed is info.
    what chassis, what tires , what are the set up parameters ?
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    If the chassis is setup correctly, a push usually comes from not having enough bite in the tires.

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    Where are you from?

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    For initial turn in, moving lf out with spacers will start transfer quicker.
    Adding air pressure to lf also helps this.
    Sounds like its more than that.
    More front weight can help front have more grip.
    Moving tires to the right on the rear axle can help front turn the chassis.
    Trailing rr also makes rr further outside rf, but has some side effects.

    Just some chassis things, if you do not have tire options.

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    I'm gonna tell you exactly what a very successful racer told my son and I several years ago....... The chassis, motor, driver and everything in between have to be close. But, those big black round things on all 4 corners have to be perfect every time you go out on the track! In my experience, most everything positive or negative comes back to the tires. Stagger, air pressure, internal, external, duro, age, pre race wipe, temperature, the list goes on and on.....

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