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Thread: Warrior Creek info ?

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    Warrior Creek info ?

    Never been to warrior creek before, can someone get me in the ballpark on gear for clone 375 and 400. Also any info on tires would be appreciated!

    Hard to tell from the fb pics to see how tight the turns are and if there is any banking or is it flat ? Hight bite or low bite ? Long straights or short ?


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    Not positive on gear so I wont go there. Best have a set of Vega tires, usually low bite track to start, and may stay that way. Slightly banked, average straights.
    They have Facebook page.

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    For some reason i was thinking this track was maxxis rules ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by revolver_racing146 View Post
    for some reason i was thinking this track was maxxis rules ?
    nope, open tire

    16/63 starting point for heavy

    1.5" f, 1-1.25" r

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    10-4 thanks I appreciate the info!

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    If you dont have set of vega's i wouldnt.If we cant find a set we are not going.Gearing will depend on what the track.Last saturday super hvy was on 15-63/64

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