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Thread: Dual Engine 206 (412 ) Kart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
    It's not rocket science to convert s kart to accept 2 engines. I think it can be race ready for way less than $6500.00.
    How about the reliability, longevity, and fun factor of almost 20 hp from 2 LO 206 engines?
    When I saw what they did, I liked it, because they obviously have been paying attention when they come out to the track for the Vintage Kart Races at Quincy and see the more modern C-Open Sidewinder class (at roughly 90 Hp) that people like Lake Speed run in. Running the old dual rear engine C-Open class (around 40-50 Hp on hard skinny tires) like I do, I get the appeal of it. As Jim says it is not rocket science. You definitely will need to work on your handling. But boy everyone that likes karts should try a dual engine at some point, it gives you new found respect for that kind of stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elmer Patterson View Post
    The Felchs kart I saw had twin inline clone opens on it . He won't the BK Memorial race against UAS Karts. The BK is the largest Indoor Dirt Race on the West coast.
    Wayne won the BK race (2 times I think) against some of the best UAS karts on the west coast with a pair of Honda's.

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