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Thread: Not a Mychron for $59 Stocking Stuffer Special

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    Not a Mychron for $59 Stocking Stuffer Special

    If you want to monitor your engine RPM and Temperature I can meet your needs.
    Self Powered, Back Lit large display.

    Function details,
    1.measuring current temperature
    2.MAX Temp Recall and User set over temperature warning function
    3.temperature C or F display can be set by user
    4. Temperature sensor type can be select by user Comes with under plug CHT
    5.Measuring current engine RPM
    6.Record and view engine MAX RPM
    7.User set overspeed warning function
    8.RPM refresh rate 0.5S
    9.accumulating total running hours TOT
    10.recording partial running time JOB
    11.maintenance timer can be set for service 0-1000 hours SVC all data automaticly
    screen flashes for all User set warnings over temp and over rev.
    IF you run a class with a maximum RPM This is an ideal tool to tune you engine to meet but not exceed that limit.

    This is a super Little Gauge that We have been distributing for several years for vintage Bike racers and Lemonds Racers ... We have been very low on inventory for over a year due to our supplier being acquired by a competitor but finally that has been resolved and I have a confirmed supply of these in our next container. Normal sales price is $119.99 it comes as shown with the CHT wire included. This order was placed for the 2017 season and I'm just now receiving it... So I would Like to move some inventory and offer Karters a special direct price with FREE shipping...
    They are on My bill of lading and I should have them in house next week.. I will not accept any payments until I have them in hand and inspected... We private Label these for Names you know, This will be a No name version or an RPQ Branded Gauge.
    If anyone is interested please let me know
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    sold out of current stock... I will have new inventory next week I will update when I have units in hand.... Thanks all that have contacted me

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