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Thread: New Minecon starting #'s

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    New Minecon starting #'s

    Hey just got my new Minecon and looking for some good starting numbers on low bite northest/ohio tracks and liberty Kentucky indoor dirt. Weekly track is 1/7 mile flat tight bullring but also getting ready to head to liberty Kentucky indoors which i'm assuming numbers will be close to the same. Clone Medium/Heavy is what i'll be running the kart in. Burris rules standard weekly tires are 33a's. Looking at the numbers on the owners manual the high left is probrably needed to help keep go kart from getting RR tight i'm assuming. Good starting point at 59% or 60% left? Also in the past I've seemed to run better with higher front weight. So what are your thought on that i'm thinking the max 46.5% Front and 59% left and 65% cross. Camber RF -2.25 LF +.75 Caster 10/7 with right front in front position. Sound about right? Most concerned about where to start on left and front. Little concerned about getting RR tight with the tire prep we use nowadays and more flex the 1 1/8 chassis will provide. Excited to give this a try. Also i'm thinking 1 1/2 front stagger and 1 1/2 rear?

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    I would also like to see some numbers for the indoor events, would the RF spacer be used indoors? I thought it was originally designed to be used on larger tracks only.

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    I do know the spacer is for larger tracks where you are trying to remove some front end turning ability or grip. Indoors I def would not run the spacer.

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    liberty indoor racing is done for the year,, we were at 328 lb. and ran really well. 57 left, 47 nose, 61 cross. 1 5/8" stagger in the rear. right front forward. 10 and 12 caster,, +.3 and-2.5 camber.

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    Interesting...I've seen two reply's where the RF is in the forward position, that's seems strange for a short track. could someone explain?

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    The mini makes plenty of turning power when you pull the spacer out even in the forward position. No need to run it in the rear unless you can't get enough turning power. Even then something else is likely the cause of the problem and not the L block position.
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    Alan garner opened liberty indoors back up, next race is Dec 30th and following race is Jan 27th

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