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Thread: Set up question

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    Good to hear!

    Yes, on a Margay you will most likely be narrower than most of the OTK and Euro chassis you are running against.

    It was a good idea to remove that front torsion bar. Just keep an eye out for when the temperatures get back up there and the track picks up grip. I think you will most likely want to leave that torsion bar out from this point forward, but if you feel like the chassis is binding and scrubbing in high grip situations you may want to put it back in.

    Hope you go right to the front on race day!
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    I have the same chassis and it likes a narrower setup that most Euro karts. I used to always run my kart wide, like my other Euro karts, but now run it much narrower. But I'm running Vega Red's.

    I'm no more than 52 inches wide in the rear. Usually around 50-51. With short hubs pushed in over the lip of the axle. I run a soft axle also.

    Front is no more than 44 inches and usually around 42. I only use the front bar when I need more front grip or my tires are getting wore down and I'm trying to get another race out of them.

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    Thanks for the info. Kart used to work well with the wider set up when we were on MGs. Current tire is a brick and the narrow set up seems to work a lot better. What do you think will need to change for a rubbered up sticky track?

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    I'd not rush to judgement on your changes on a green track. I would always retest again later in the day. Most tracks get faster throughout the day even if you are making the wrong adjustments so you need to go back and forth sometimes to be sure a change was better.

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