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Thread: ISO non hemi billet flywheel

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    ISO non hemi billet flywheel

    Anyone have a used non hemi flywheel for sale?

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    I looked for a couple of weeks for one and there just arent that many out there to be found used. I wished later I had just bought a new one to begin with and saved myself the time. ARC ships quickly and nicely.

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    There is a new company making predator flywheels but i cant think of the name, they are identical to a Raceseng flywheel for clones but are for predators, and are gold colored. Ambush Racing also makes them. If you can find a good used clone flywheel, and lap it to the crank good to see how the tapers match up, you may get by with the clone flywheel. I've noticed the newer non hemi's in the past couple years match up better to the clone cranks than the early non hemi predators did. I have one here now with a clone flywheel on it actually

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