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Thread: first race

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    first race

    Well the 56 year old rookies fist race is done. We ran Jamaica Iowa 1/5th paved oval. They were running Vintage karts but allowed the Predator class to run also. I dragged out my 1977 Bug black window and my sons 80's Invader. Both our karts are straight up chassis but we got them to turn left, stagger and big tires did the trick.

    I was first very surprised how hard my kart stuck in the corners and how hard G forces were trying to throw me out of it. After some fussing with the Predator motors they started running very well. Jamaica Iowa is a really nice smooth track and it was a rush to run wide open all around.

    My only problem was my homemade muffler heat shield which just bent over and contacted the muffler burning my arm. One of the other racers had a brand new "Big Bertha" I scored for $20.oo. I ended up "winning" by beating my son. It was a blast. geo

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    Yee ha!
    Old age and treachery beats youth and exuberance.
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    you ever want to sell that black widow please let me know!

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