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Thread: Bully clutch

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    Bully clutch

    Just getting started. On bully clutch like the 16,17,18 etc. Can you put only drivers from bully on. Or any drivers

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    Oct 2013
    Bully is considered small pattern. Hortsman is large.
    Most driver interchange thou not all and no hortsman.
    Bully driver are worth the extra money.
    Bully also has the tuffy style used mostly on two stroke jackshaft, if that type then no, bully only.

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    There are Bully brand drivers, Tuffy brand, WMS brand, several different ones to choose from depending on where you buy them, online or at a kart shop. I think that is the info you are looking for. Talk to your clutch builder, they usually suggest certain brand drivers they like

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