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    212 predator hemi

    So I want to upgrade my hemi motor got tired of it stock lol my budget is from 300 to 500. any suggesting? I want it to respond (torque) as soon as I step on it since im drifting my go kart. I know I should replace my piston rod, flywheel, valve springs, Cam, air filter, and im not sure if I should jet the carb or replace it with a better one? what would be the difference? Im asking for your help because I don't know what best combo will work best with one another.Like I mention above I know what to replace (let me know if I miss something) but don't know how still valve springs, what carb or jet, how long rod, what cam, and how many degrees on flywheel. Ps I will be removing governor

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    $300- $500 budget can get alot of upgrades. My opinion arc flywheel 18lb springs mod 2 cam and a good header will make a world of difference and for the price i would replace the stock carb with good .615 bore carb from any kart shop or engine builder. Put a thinner head gasket on it also will help on compression. Just my opinion

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    With no rules, the very first place I would start, would be with a thinner head gasket. Compression is the Holy Grail. They make .010" head gaskets. More compression could use a colder spark plug heat range. Beyond a doubt, that's the cheapest way to get more horsepower.

    A race cam would be next.
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