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Thread: Liberty Raceway Park*April 8*Local Points/Money Race*$1000 to win with $35 entry fee

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    Liberty Raceway Park*April 8*Local Points/Money Race*$1000 to win with $35 entry fee

    Staley, NC


    Local Points/Money Race

    APRIL 8, 2017

    ENTRY FEE $35
    1st $1000
    2nd $150
    3rd $75
    (NO KM)

    CLONE LITE <> CLONE MEDIUM <> CLONE 400 <> CLONE 425 <> CLONE 450 <> SR CLONE <> LIMITED MODIFIED <> SR CHAMP 410 <> SR CHAMP 425 <> JR CHAMP $$ <> JR 1 $$ <> JR2 $$ <> JR 3 $$
    ENTRY FEE $35
    1st $300
    2nd $150
    3rd $75
    (14 KM)

    All other classes (CLONE RED PLATE BEGINNER?S CLASS, JR 1 POINTS, JR 2 POINTS, JR 3 POINTS, JR CHAMP POINTS, TEEN CHAMP A MAIN, TEEN CHAMP B MAIN, PREDATOR 390, PREDATOR 425) will be at their regular $25 entry fee.


    We will be qualifying this race.
    All classes will be OPEN TIRE rule except yellow Vegas

    Gates open- 10:00
    Practice- 12:00
    Qualifying- After Practice
    Mains to Follow

    Gate Fee: $10.00
    6 and under - No Charge

    Adress: 6788 Willard Road, Staley, NC 27355

    For any additional information please feel free to contact:
    Tommy Burrow - 336-953-2424

    We always have our phone number listed, so if you have anything that you need to question, please don?t hesitate to call.

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    To the top

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    Pre-registration is up and running. I hope everyone that is planning to attend will use the pre-registration form found on our website, as it will help me out tremendously. Double duty for me this race. Thanks!

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    Again, I would like to encourage those who intended to come race at LRP next weekend to pre-register on our website, I will be doing double duty Saturday and this will help me out a lot. Pre-registration does not cost anything until you get to the track. For those who uses this system, I thank you.

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    Tommy and I had a well deserved weekend off along with many of you. Now, we are ready to get back in the groove again. Hope you all are too.

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    Listen up! It won't be long until different series will be coming in to hold their events at LRP. This weekend would be a good time to get a step ahead of your competitors and come get set up. The Mid-State series will be here on April 29 and June 10. The Mid-Atlantic will be at LRP on May 13. Looks like this would be the perfect race to get set up.

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    Feb 2014
    Kannapolis nc
    Do you know the Running order?

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    I do have the lineup made but right now I have no power and am working with my phone. If I get power, I'll post it.

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    Sr Clone
    Jr 1 (GREEN plate with SMALL pipe)
    Clone Lite
    Baby Champ/Kid Kart
    Clone 400
    Jr Champ (PURPLE plate with SMALL pipe)
    "Clone Red Plate(Red plate with small pipe) Open Tire(Gear Rule 17/65) (Max. Tire Size 34 1/2"")"
    Predator 425
    Sr Champ Clone 410
    Jr. 3 (BLUE plate with SMALL pipe)
    Jr 1 $$ (GREEN plate with SMALL pipe)
    Predator 390
    Clone Medium
    Teen Champ MAIN A
    Jr 2 (PURPLE plate with SMALL pipe)
    Clone 425
    Limited Modified
    Jr Champ $$ (PURPLE plate with SMALL pipe)
    Jr. 3 $$ (BLUE plate with SMALL pipe)
    Sr Champ Clone 425
    Teen Champ MAIN B
    Clone 450
    Jr 2 $$ (Purple plate with Small pipe)
    Clone Heavy

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    Oct 2013
    Foothills of NC
    Could you put a couple more classes in between the two predator classes?

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    Pre-registration will close today at 12:00. I certainly appreciate everyone who has helped me out by using the pre-registration system found on our website, Not only do I have some of the best employees to help me out, I have​ some of the best competitors to help also. Again, I thank you all. Now, I'm ready for some good, close racing!

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    Oct 2013
    Foothills of NC
    There's only 3 classes between the two predator classes. That's not enough time to change weights, change gear, and clean and prep tires. It would sure make it easier to run both classes if you spread them further apart.

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    Maybe move it in front of Clone Lite?

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    LRP will be closed for practice on Sunday April 9, 2017

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