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Thread: Tweeked Arrow sprint kart

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    Tweeked Arrow sprint kart

    Anyone know of place where I can get chassie checked out. I believe kart was bent in hard hit, pushes bad at turn in , left turns only. Seems fine turning right. Located in Chatt. N.E. al. area. Thanks for any help.

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    I am not sure of a kart shop, I know a few people in Florida can measure and bend your chassis back. Really anyone with a certified flat table can help you measure the location of each of the king pins to see if one spindle is higher than the other. I have had to jump on a few of my chassis, many on here have had to. I would recommend the following steps.

    1) Scale - Work with someone that has a set of scales. If you know what the numbers are supposed to be on each wheel you will be able to quickly tell which side is bent.

    2)Replace Spindles - Replace the spindle on the side that is bent. Re Scale. If the numbers are still off you will have to tweak the chassis.

    3)Place a sturdy jack stand under the spindle mounting bracket / yolk on the side that does not need to bend down. Set rear of kart on the ground. Two people will have to stand on the back of the kart, someone else has a bar under the chassis tubes on the jack stand side and over the top of the part of the chassis that needs to be bent down. Use good strong single pushes on that bar to bend the kart down. On our Coyotes we would use 3 good pushes, then drop the kart on the scales to see how much it moved.

    Hopefully it will not come to step 3, but those are the steps we had to use to straighten a kart. We had pretty good results after jumping on them.
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    I second what Jason said. The only other thing I would do before jumping on it is to check the welds for cracks. A crack in the weld can cause some weird handling issues.

    Also, I would second his experience. I have had some bad fast karts that i used when street racing. They would get tweaked and then you would have to jump on them ot get them right. Often times, they would be good as new (or better).

    One last tip. If you do have to jump on it, get it perfect, then run it a session or two. Then get it back on the scales. Sometimes they "settle" back a little bit and need tweaked twice. Don't let this scare you. Just go through the exact same process again and then it will eventually stay.

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    Jim Perry at CKT Racing in St. Charles, IL does this all the time. Every time I go to his shop he has a chassis on the frame table.

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    Thanks to everyone for the input. Wanting to get back on track this year. Will check out and give it a try. Thanks again

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    The guys who import them are about 5 1/2 hours from you in Mooresville N.C. (kartsport), I'd try them first. After that, as related above Jim Perry has been doing that forever and
    very successfully. He's gotten prezteled enduros back to running no problem.

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    If I understand your location as northeast Alabama near Chattanooga area, you have one of the best tuners in the country 30 minutes east of you. Talk to Lynn Haddock at haddock ltd web site.

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