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    When should you start putting prep on burris?
    A week before a race
    Couple days?
    And I know do it at the track.
    Just need a tire program to learn so I can do tires myself.

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    It's different for EVERY track, some tracks require internal and wipe all week, some no internal wipe couple coats couples days ahead, with Burris some tracks Require NO prep simple green only, the fact that there Burris or Maxxis for that matter does not dictate how they get prepped it's NOT in general across the board, the way they get prepped is ALL track depended, then there is another million $$$ question prep with what, If you post which tracks MAYBE some guy's will know and help you out.

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    Prep with your base during the week.
    I prep 3 coats monday, Wednesday, Friday, then just prw at the races
    Nothing internal, I roll Burris 1 time with a conditioner when new, and never again

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    Theres no one, or 2, magic things you do to a tire and just go win. Track will dictate what needs done to a tire. Track hard, soft, no bite, decent bite? You do need to keep things simple though, but with the little info we got here, theres no simple answer.

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    A good tire program should be simple and effective.
    There are two approaches to Burris (for the most part)...

    1.) Is to wipe with a very aggressive (goat/green/etc) at the track, and throw new sets on the car each time it hits the track. If you don't, the tires will be off and the car will be slow.

    2.) Build base/bite into the tire a week in advance and then a PRW right before going to the grid. This way the tire can be re-used that night without sacrificing speed.

    Keep in mind that there are still tracks where the real aggressive method works best on Burris.
    Internal prep depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the tires, ie sidebite, conditioning, roll speed, etc.

    I'd suggest choosing a prep line and sticking with it.
    Don't try a little of this and a little of that - that will get you out in left field in a hurry, especially to the inexperienced racer/tire manager.

    If you have any specific questions about our Burris tire program or our prep line, please feel free to give us a call at the shop or drop me a note on here.

    We will be at the trade show in Sevierville, TN this weekend, and at the OVKA show in Wilmington, OH Feb. 2nd. If you have a chance to visit either of these shows, please stop by and introduce yourself.

    Thanks and God bless,
    Brian Carlson
    Carlson Racing Engines
    Vector Cutz
    Carlson Motorsports on Facebook
    30 years of service to the karting industry
    Linden, IN

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