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Thread: Wireless Scales

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    Wireless Scales

    Has anyone had any issues with the wireless scales? Are they reliable and consistent? Impartiality the intercomp brand.

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    Have the Intercomp SW650s absolutely love em. Change the batteries once a year. They stay up year round on a set of Jesusfreaks roll off scale stands, use them weekly while were racing. Probably the best investment I made in scales after years of dealing with wires and connectors.

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    I love that we're not tripping over cords all the time!
    We sell both the Intercomp and Tanner Bros. scales and are very pleased with the performance.
    You do need to keep up with the batteries (as mentioned) especially in colder weather.
    Jesusfreak (Todd Weber @ Weber Fabrication) is the best source for roll-off scale stands for sure.
    That's who's we use as well.

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