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Thread: Box stock questions

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    Box stock questions

    Is there any differences at the box stock level between hemi and non hemi engines?

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    The 2 engines are absolutely different. The Hemi has a flattop piston, non Hemi has a dished. Heads are different. I canít remember right off hand which 1 it is but I do remember 1 of them revs higher rpmís. I want to say itís the non Hemi, but donít quote me. Thereís a lot more differences I know, but these are all I can think of at the moment.

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    Hemi Head is garbage on the 420cc motors will not allow you to make power unless you really mod it.

    The Non-Hemi Head with the Hemi Block/Piston is the best combo for Box Stock if your allowed both.

    The Non-Hemi allows more RPM and doesn't break like the Hemi Head. The Hemi Piston is 30g lighter, shorter skirt length, flat top, better pin offset, and lighter drag on the piston rings. Regardless of build make sure to ReGap Rings if your spinning more RPM.

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    If your racing out of the box class. The hemi seems to be better on top end and the non hemi seems to have more bottom end torque.

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