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Thread: Needle a tire

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    Needle a tire

    Needle or don't? When and why?

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    I've talked to some of the best tire guy's around all there takes were they fiddled with it some and it's not worth the time, When would be you need a tire with prep deeper in the tire, Why pretty much the same you need chemical in the tire to make grip, I'm sure some will say it helps that process.

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    There can be some benefit. I can't think of any detriment.

    If you need prep deeper in the tire, it'll help.
    If you need to build heat in a tire quicker, it'll help.
    If you need the tire to dissipate heat better, it'll help.

    Sometimes you will see an advantage, other times you will not.

    On treaded tires (kart tires and big car tires) it can a be a real big advantage at getting prep into the blocks of the rubber, not simply in the grooves (something that internal prepping is not particularly good at.)

    For karting slick tires, is it worth the effort?
    That's up to you.
    For a tire guy, time is money. Needling a thin synthetic tire a week or two in advance of a race (when you're typically building a set of tires for a customer) would not be the best use of your time in most cases.

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