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Thread: JR sprint ??

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    JR sprint ??

    came across a kart yesterday that i had not seen before... think they called it a Jr sprint... motored by a world formula, belt drive to jack shaft to chain drive... (clutch on the jack shaft chain side) .
    not much bigger then a champ . fully suspended.
    what age brackets is this designed for??
    do adults run these?

    anyone with education on these, i'd love to know more.
    OH it ran with our 250 sprints (twin cylinder motorcycle motors) and kicked $$

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    Very familiar with them. We owned three of them. For sure not big enough for an adult. Kids 6-13 or so can run them around here. The primary track is 1/5th mile clay oval though one of the big car tracks up north from us runs them on their 1/3rd mile. They can really get moving! My kids ran them a bit before outgrowing them. The motors are pretty equal for the most part as we worked on getting the clutches just right for the most optimum performance. Overall the cars and engines were nice and easy to work on. I kind of miss having them, but now that the boys have moved on to other things I have more room for my own racing stuff!

    I have the basic chassis and engine rules (.pdf) if you'd like. Also our standard "neutral" setup sheet. PM me your email if you'd like them.
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    They run them at Circus City (Peru) & US 24 (Logansport) still I think (not too far into Indiana from you George.)
    Neat little cars...just be sure that wherever you run them that they have tech. We have built engines for these things and ranged from basically out of the box / WKA to full blown stock appearing.

    Thanks and God bless,
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