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  • Colt sr's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 10:22 AM
    Colt sr replied to a thread Mychron 4 in Misc
    Do they come with all leads?
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  • kartboy337's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 10:13 AM
    This is exactly why when I was looking or a new kart, I was sure to stray away from anything Infiniti. For some reason, (because I like supporting the little guys, and outside box type guys) I did buy their Onyx clutch. That turned out to be a...
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  • garlandkart11's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 10:05 AM
    Andrew, PM to you. Bobby.
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  • SimonsRacing's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 10:04 AM
    SimonsRacing replied to a thread Maxxis Tires in Misc
    Shipping discount: Purchase Both sets - $25 discount Pick up discounts: Set of (4) - $30 discount Set of (3) - $25 discount Purchase Both sets - $75 discount Set A – $150 Notes:
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  • XXX#40's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:51 AM
    XXX#40 replied to a thread Hello in General Karting Discussion
    If the kart isnt designed to run that much nose weight it just causes other issues. a 2000 wasnt designed for that much nose weight
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  • Jimbo's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:33 AM
    Jimbo started a thread Better Push Rods in Faster Motors
    Faster Motors Chromoloy Push rods on the left. When using after market push rod with roller rockers you may experience the push rod coming out of the lash adjuster. When this happens you may destroy the push rod, the rocker arm or even ...
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  • CarlsonMotorsports's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:26 AM
    Anyone? Anyone? 765-339-4407
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  • CarlsonMotorsports's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:24 AM
    CarlsonMotorsports replied to a thread Internal rolling in Tires
    I prefer slower as well. I suppose it's possible to roll too slowly, but for sure, 3MPR is not too slow -- that's pretty typical actually. ----- Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz ...
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  • Scott5's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:23 AM
    Sent you a PM. Thanks.
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  • meracer9's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:22 AM
    meracer9 replied to a thread Used Animal Parts in Misc
    Flywheel sold pending payment, taking offers on other items!
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  • CDE-0's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:19 AM
    CDE-0 replied to a thread WTB Recon in Karts
    Found a kart. Thanks
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  • CarlsonMotorsports's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:19 AM
    No need to pull the sidecover off to clean the metal out of your crankcase like some other "magnets" out there. Clean ferrous metal off of your magnetic oil drain plug every time that you drain the oil! Dealer and quantity pricing is available....
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  • Jimbo's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 09:17 AM
    No Shortage here. We Always have New LO 206 Engines in stock. They all have the latest tamper resistant seal. NO OLD STOCK Go to: for the details and also to see other products.
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  • GRG11's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 08:57 AM
    GRG11 replied to a thread Looking to buy hilliard flame in Misc
    I have two clutches with new springs and bully conversion drums no drivers $120 shipped. also have Hillard fire clutch with one race on it. I have pics text 716-583-2369 if interested Thank you
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  • CarlsonMotorsports's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 08:41 AM
    I see no problem running 47% nose on any era of chassis, as long as you like the feel of the kart being that loose. We ran even more nose than that with my oldest son's kart and we certainly didn't lack corner speed anywhere that we ran. :) ...
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  • Hitman's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 08:35 AM
    I just had to let one go with 5 races for 1500 including shipping
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  • BMB's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 08:29 AM
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  • OVALTECH1's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 08:27 AM
    OVALTECH1 started a thread Wtb: Vega blues in Misc
    Looking to purchase a set of “Right Side” Vega blues. Can be new or used with some good tread left. Can send pics to 724)954-8001.
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  • CarlsonMotorsports's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 08:19 AM
    15*. Any less will be a problem with the fuel tank and right rear tire aside from running a really long chain. ----- Thanks and God bless, Brian Carlson Carlson Racing Engines Vector Cutz
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  • OVALTECH1's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 08:19 AM
    I kept my square starter drives on all mine and just bought a 12pt socket. That way if the starter ever dies at the track or comes up missing at a money race I can still go back to the rip cord.
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  • 1fasttiller's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 08:11 AM
    We put a new LR tire on 2 races ago and ended up moving the LR out some. Other than that, nothing has changed. The track was a tad wetter this time than it has been. Looked like they really poured the water to it but nothing unusual for this place. ...
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  • atwoodracing20's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 07:11 AM
    15 degree is what we always ran for flatheads
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  • Brettm57's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 06:48 AM
    Thanks for all the tips! Keep 'em coming! What about ignition timing? Should I advance that for better performance on alcohol?
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  • pko's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 06:34 AM
    its been a while and need to buy an engine mount for some flatty's for our local track play time. just cant remember what degree. 5,7,10.... I was thinking we ran 10 or 15. just would like to here what others recommend. thanks, Shawn
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  • snsbuck's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 05:45 AM
    Hopefully no "serious injuries"...... HAHA that made me laugh !
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  • XXX#40's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 05:38 AM
    XXX#40 replied to a thread Hello in General Karting Discussion
    no way you can run 47% nose on that era of chassis. in oval we pay no attention the rear weight, nose is all we watch. Setup will depend of the size of the driver, and the tracks you are going to run
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  • Bluegrass855's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 05:12 AM
    Welch performance, Jerry will take care of you on anything you need.
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  • AKTPA's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 01:42 AM
    Please support those vendors who are loyal paid advertisers on Bobs. It’s simply wrong for any organization or company to come on Bobs and post their business adds but are unwilling to be an advertiser. That should tell you all you need to know...
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  • Jon Brogden's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 01:07 AM
    Make sure it's the 360A , it's has the .945 venturi. the 360B an C have a .875 . The 360A is a gas carb so an alky conversion with alky stacks are needed. The 380 would be better yet it flows 20 cfm more than a stock WB3A, but would need some drill...
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  • AKTPA's Avatar
    03-19-2019, 12:59 AM
    Don’t miss the opportunity for your track or series to be eligible for ten custom made leather jackets for your year end awards banquet. We have already had thirty plus new tracks who have joined AKTPA and we have several more inline. We are on...
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